Great News for Christmas!

December 25th Dr. Romanov received the wonderful news that his student and now his colleague, and a Coach of the Russian Paralympic team V. Vasiliev, successfully defended his dissertation titled “Pose Method Specific Technical Training of Para-Sprinters Diagnosed with Childhood Cerebral Palsy” (“СПЕЦИАЛЬНАЯ ТЕХНИЧЕСКАЯ ПОДГОТОВКА СПРИНТЕРОВ-ИНВАЛИДОВ С ДЕТСКИМ ЦЕРЕБРАЛЬНЫМ ПАРАЛИЧОМ НА ОСНОВЕ ПОЗНОГО МЕТОДА”)

This work became the 6th dissertation written on the topic of the Pose Method and carries tremendous significance for the para athletic as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation fields.

The 3 time Gold Medalist of the 2012 Paralympic Games Elena Ivanova has been training according to the Pose Method standard under the tutelage of Coach Vasiliev and Dr. Romanov. While further studies are needed, the results already achieved by Elena clearly demonstrate the great potential of the Pose Method.